CyberBuddy Interactive Scripting
With CyberBuddy Scripting, you can have a character or characters perform a presentation using Power Point or other screen media,
You can also speak to and interact with the characters.

He is an example:
You can be giving a presentation, Merlin pops up on your computer screen (or a projected image of the screen.)
Using speech recognition, you can ask Merlin to "Get the Sales Forecast." Merlin complies by loading an Excel spread sheet.
You can then ask, "Can Peedy Explain this?". Peedy will come on the screen, explain it and wait for your next command.
You ask him to "Show a Graph" of the spread sheet.
He loads the graph and tells a little about it. Now, you ask him to close Excel.
Then, ask him to run a Power Point Presentation. He will load it and go throught it slide by slide.
When he's done, he will close the power point presentation, say goodbye and disappear.

  • CyberBuddyPremium Version.
  • The CyberBuddy Interactive Scripting Editor.

    How it works:
    With the Interactive Scripting Editor, you build a script for the presentation. The Script consists of commands that the characters listen for, followed by the action to take place when that command is heard.
    Some examples:

    Listen for "sales forecast"
    The action is to load an Excel Spreadsheet.

    Listen for "Peedy explain this"
    The actions are for Peedy to Load followed by text and animations to be read.

    Listen for "Close Excel"
    The action is to Press Keys ALT-F ALT-X  which will close the Excel program.